Tentative agenda
May 2014 Workshop of the US Culture Collection Network at Penn State University.

Prof. D. Geiser of the PSU Department of Plant Pathology is hosting the workshop.
(* indicates confirmed presentations)

Monday, May 19:

Lunch at Nittany Lion Inn. 

1:00 PM to 4:30 PM:  Talks/Discussions,

David Geiser*                   The Fusarium Research Center/ welcome etc
Kevin McCluskey*              A path to a National Plant Microbial Germplasm System
Deb Fravel*                       A brief history of the USDA Plant Germplasm System

Coffee Break,

More Talks/Discussions

Philippe  Desmeth             TRUST, a proposed code of conduct for transparent exchange of micro-organisms
George Garrity                  Standards promote open and fair exchange

5:30 PM:   Dinner

Barb Christ                        Welcome
Kyria Boundy-Mills              Phaff Yeast Collection
Lucy Joseph                       UC Davis Oenological Yeast Collection

Tuesday, May 20:

8:00 AM - noon:  Breakfast at Nittany Lion Inn,


Arianna Broggiato*            Culture exchange Survey results
Anthony Cova*                   A MTA based system for open exchange
David Smith*                     The MIRRI system for insuring regulatory compliance

Coffee Break,

More Talks/Discussions at NLI

Aric Wiest*                      Developing sustainability for the FGSC
Scott Bates*                    The UMN Mycological Culture Collection
Dan Lindner*                    Recent progress at the USFS
Todd Ward*                      Update on NRRL funding in a post OSTP 2014 memo environment

Noon: Lunch at Nittany Lion Inn

1:00 PM:  Tour of Fusarium Research Center culture collection. 

2:20 PM: Tour of the E. coli Reference Center.  http://ecoli.cas.psu.edu.

3:20 PM:  Vist PSU Creamery. http://creamery.psu.edu/

4:00 PM:  Shuttles to airport from NLI for those leaving on evening flights to Chicago, Detroit, Philly.

6:00 PM:  Dinner at a downtown State College restaurant for people staying overnight.